To me, the relationship I create with you and/or your child is a special bond that develops over time. Instant results are wonderful and often happen with my style of coaching, yet it may take a bit of time to master the tricky parts, so we will work together to obtain those long-term results.


The goal of my academic program is to prepare each client with the tools they need to succeed on their own. With 18+ years experience in the classroom, 7 years as an academic mentor and 4 years of life coaching; my goal is to provide tools for each student to embrace the confidence within themselves as they become a successful life-long learner. Take a peek on my testimonial pages to see what clients are saying. Click around to find a program that fits your needs.

If you are curious about empowering your kids, click on my parent page. I offer tools and tips to help with facilitation at home. Every family is different. I wonder what is possible for yours?

If you are even more curious about creating the space for you own life to change, click on my Access Consciousness pages. I use these tools daily to step into every adventure with an open mind, creative energy and gratitude for being able to do what I love for a living. It's not for everyone, which is why it I have found personal success with it.

During our time together; I am available for any questions that pop up. I offer online support in between sessions, providing access to hundreds of study guides, special programs and modalities for independent learning. If there is a tool that doesn't exist yet, we will create it. 

How does it get any better than that?!  I wonder, what will you choose today?

Infinite Potential For You. Alayna Hale. 408-390-3878